Titanium Dioxide Rutile: KP-R200

Product Description:
KP-R200 is a multi-purpose Rutile Titanium Dioxide designed for application to coatings, paints, plastics, etc. KP-R200 has the properties of blue-base hue, excellent dispersity, excellent hiding power and high glossiness. Excellent particle size control technology, surface treatment technology and impurity content control technology of KP-R200 ensure that of the product presents excellent pigment performance and good performance in various application systems.

Applications: Paper-Making, Coating, Printing ink, Plastic,


Technical Specifications:

Package: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag or 500kg / 1MT Jumbo bag



Titanium Dioxide Rutile: KP-R300

Product Description:
KP-R300 is a fine rutile pigment with inorganic coating and organic treatment suitable for wide range of plastics applications. It is designed for excellent brightness, blue undertone, low residue, low moisture pick-up and exceptional dispersibility.

• Engineering polymers / Low moisture, dispersibility
• Styrene polymers / Dispersibility, colour, opacity
• Flexible PVC / Dippersibility, opacity
• ABS / Blue undertone
• Polyethylene / blue undertone
• Masterbatch / Dispersibility, low moisture, colour


Technical Specifications:

Package: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag or 500kg / 1MT Jumbo bag



Titanium Dioxide Rutile: KP-RC599

Product Description:
KP-RC599 is a high performance chloride process rutile titanium dioxide surface treated by ZrO2,Al2O3 and organic the blue phase high gloss high durability, high hiding powder, low oil absorption and excellent dispersity of KP-RC599 make it an excellent choice for masterbatch and plastics.
The quality is equivalent to Dupont 104.


Package: 25kg paper-plastic compound bag

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